Hi guys! Happy Hump Day! Sorry I don't have an outfit post to share today, but I really wanted to share my all time favorite green smoothie recipe. Lately, I've just been really focused on getting back on track and back in shape. Fitness and health has always (well, since I got out of high school) been a big part of my life and is a huge part of my family's lives as well. Both my sisters are marathon-running machines and we're all constantly pushing each other to keep going. Okay, it's mostly been them pushing me for the most part. BUT, for the first time in my life, I feel extremely passionate about it. You are going to have your body for your whole life, why not make it an amazing one?! I've had lots of people ask me in the past to do fitness posts/start a fitness blog, and right now it's starting to sound like a great idea! I'm at the gym daily, so why not?
Anyway, we'll see how this pans out! So, this green smoothie has been a go-to for me. I can make a huge thing of it, and have smoothies ready for days! I've been drinking them as my breakfast or lunch. Here's my recipe: (and always feel free to experiment! It's always fun!)
1 handful of spinach
3 pineapple spears (gets rid of the spinach taste)
1 banana
4 strawberries
4 ice cubes
1 cup soy milk (optional)
Put the spinach and ice in blender on the "Grind" setting (so the spinach turns more into a liquid). Add pineapple, banana and strawberries and put on "Liquify" setting for about 5 minutes or until everything is blended together in a liquid, then add soy milk and blend. Pour into shaker bottle and enjoy!


  1. Girl, I've been LIVING off green smoothies since I started this whole 30 thing haha they're like my go-to every day and they're SO good!! I was starting to get into running a lot again before but on this diet I have no energy haha so I guess as soon as I'm done I'll get back to it! You inspire me :)


  2. I have been afraid of those green smoothies! The green part freaks me out! But I will try your recipe and give it a go! Do you know how many calories are in it?

  3. Thanks for sharing your recipe, my sister has been trying to convince me to try her green machine smoothies and I think I will finally try.

  4. Oh my yum! I have been on a smoothie CRAZE! this one is perfect :)

    Angela @ Pens & Peonies!

  5. Yes, throwing spinach in is my new favourite thing! That much healthier, and you can't taste it.



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