Coat: c/o Snowman New York // Sweater & Plaid Shirt: Kohl's // High-Waisted Pants: Nordstrom (similar here) // Boots: Forever 21 (similar here for only $50!) // Lips: Maybelline Nude Nuance (seriously my favorite drugstore color ever!)

Oh, hiiiii!! I figured it was about time I blogged again! Considering it's been over a month! If you've been following me on Instagram, then you know that I just got back from a Carribean cruise! We had THE BEST time. Hopefully I will get around to sharing some pics and a little video soon.. but it was so nice to just hang out with all my siblings all day everyday. It's rare when all of us are together, so it's just so special when we are. I'm just a little obsessed with all of them. The end.

BUT GUYS. Can we just take a second to admire this coat?! Everywhere I go I get compliments on it. Snowman New York seriously has the most incredible coats and they're all so unique. The sleeves on mine are my absolute favorite. I'm currently OBSESSED with their new Action line, because there are so many good pieces that are perfect for transitioning into Spring (if that ever happens...). Be sure to use code 'jodybeth20' to get 20% off your purchase! Happy Tuesday, guys! Love y'all!



Turtleneck: H&M (similar here) // Skirt: TJ Maxx (similar here, here, and really cute burgundy option here) // Shoes: Shoedazzle (similar here) // 

Oh, heyyyyyy guys. What the heck is up?! Happy Monday! It's been a while since I have posted an outfit, and honestly this outfit is from my birthday. In October. Yep. The good news is that since these photos were taken, I've lost more than 10 lbs! So I wasn't even sure I wanted to post this outfit because (thankfully) I look different now. BUT this skirt is just too cute not to share. I'm loving that some of the 70s trends are coming back in style. It was such a cool, chic decade. The fringe, suede, and bold colors.. YES. All of it.

Anyway, I have been working my butt off (literally) for the past few months and I feel better than ever! I really have just been trying to live a healthier lifestyle and it's amazing the difference it makes. Plus, gotta look good for my cruise in January! Haha. It's officially in a MONTH! I can't wait to get out of this cold!



Hi friends! I know, I know. I have been so MIA here on the blog! I have been sick, busy, tired, having life crises (that's the plural version of crisis, right?!), having computer problems, and just flat out exhausted. 

BUT, today I am so happy to share the most amazing watch company with you guys. When Wood Watches by JORD reached out to me, I knew after seeing their products online they would be a perfect fit for myself, my friends, and followers. Am I right?! I was obsessed the second mine came in the mail! It's such high quality, and the rose gold is just perfect. They already had it pre-sized so it was the perfect fit when it got to me! Not to mention, the packaging it comes in is absolutely adorable. With Christmas time right around the corner, they make the perfect gifts for everyone on your list! Be sure to go and shop their watches here

Have a great week! xo



1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 //

Happy Tuesday, guys! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! Today I'm happy to be teaming up with UncommonGoods to bring you a little gift guide for the upcoming holidays! It was so hard for me to narrow it down to just six items because everything is SO GOOD. Note to hubby: really dying over those wooden martini glasses!! They have the most incredible unique jewelry, and handmade pieces that you guys will die over. Every year, I feel like I need to be more and more creative with my gifts to everyone, but always struggle to come up with something on my own! I have really hit the jackpot finding this site because they really do have something for everyone on my list. They made it even easier for you (and me!) by curating a list of gifts for the special women in your life (mom, I finally found the perfect gift for you!) as well as gifts for your bestie! But really though, could you ask for anything better? 



So, back in August, (ya know, when I was completely MIA from my blog! Haha) I surprised my husband for his birthday with a quick trip to San Francisco. We had talked about going there on multiple occasions, and we REALLY needed a break from reality so I figured a quick trip there would be perfect. And it was!

I did months and months of researching things to do, places to see, places to go.. everything! I wanted to squeeze in everything since we were there for such a short time. We were only there Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then our flight was Monday night, so we had most the day Monday as well. This was the first trip I had really booked by myself, and I found it really hard to plan it all without my husband! It was a learning experience for sure, so I put together a list of things we did, things we liked, things we didn't like, things we would have done differently, etc. so here goes nothin'!

For the first couple nights, we actually stayed in Belmont, since I knew we wouldn't be in our room much, and it was close to the airport so we could get there quickly. It was probably about a 15-20 minute drive to get to the city from there, and I think it worked out well for us, but I probably would stay in the city the whole trip next time. For the last night, we stayed at Hotel Beresford and it was perfect. The room was pretty small, but it was fine for just the two of us. It was right in Union Square, so the location couldn't have been more ideal.

Day 1:

On my husband's actual birthday, he wanted to head to wine country and go to a winery. This had been on our bucket list and did not disappoint! We looked into the different wineries and decided to go with Domaine Carneros in Napa. It took us about an hour and a half to get there (traffic wasn't too bad) but it was worth the drive! They specialized in sparking wines, and they were INCREDIBLE! We bought a bottle and we're still saving it for a special occasion! We booked ahead of time online, but when we got there, it didn't seem too busy, so I'm sure people were able to be seated quickly without a reservation, but it's always better to be safe than sorry! It was probably one of our favorite parts of the trip, we would do it again in a heartbeat! We stayed in Napa for a little while, had lunch at the Boon Fly Cafe (which was amazingly delicious!) and then headed back to the city.

For dinner, we just decided to walk around and find somewhere that looked good. We ended up going to Sushi Monster in Belmont and it was SO GOOD! All the food we had there was delicious, but sushi there is so much better than in Utah! I would recommend that place to anyone!
(Sorry, had to include some iPhone shots!)

Day 2:

There were a thousand things we wanted to do while we were in SF, but we for sure wanted to make time to see the Golden Gate Bridge. It was truly breathtaking! We decided to go see it from Baker Beach. It was absolutely freezing and windy that day, but it was still so beautiful. Oh and also, we had no idea that it was a nudist beach... so be prepared if you go there, haha. We drove around the area for a while to see different angles, but there was SO much traffic around there that it wasn't even worth the trouble.

We spent the rest of the day walking around to different places downtown. It was fun just pretending like we were locals and wandering through different shops and eateries. We had many, many delicious treats while we were there, and one of my favorite places we went to was Mr Holmes Bakehouse. Their donuts are out of this world! And all of their treats looked amazing. I'm pretty much drooling now at this point.

Day 3:

After checking into our hotel downtown, we relaxed for a quick minute, then went out and grabbed lunch at Show Dogs. My husband and I are both huge fans of hot dogs and corn dogs so we were both pretty much in heaven! I'm telling you guys, we did not have a meal there that WASN'T amazing. We went shopping around that area for a little while, and then decided to head to Pier 39 for dinner. THAT PLACE WAS INSANE. Traffic makes us both a little anxious and parking there is a nightmare, so I would definitely suggest getting an Uber for that. Parking was really expensive, and it wasn't too far from our hotel, so I wish we would have done that. But we went to Nick's Lighthouse for dinner and it was the best seafood I've ever had! Holy crap, so good. I had the crab cakes and they were delightful. We had a pretty late dinner, so we walked around the pier and the shops, then headed back to our hotel and watched Escape from Alcatraz.

Day 4:

On our last day, I knew for sure I wanted to visit the infamous Painted Ladies. It was pretty much everything I hoped it would be. Minus the thousands of tourists. They were even cuter in person and the whole time I was just wishing I lived there! We walked around there for a while and played with all the doggies in the park, then my husband wanted to explore the pier more, so we headed back there. It was a lot more fun during the day, because you got to see Alcatraz more and there were more things to do. We thought about doing a boat tour, but didn't think we would really have time before we had to catch our flight, so we just wandered around the pier for a bit, then had some lunch.

Packed Party came out with an SF guide a little while ago, and of course I wanted to try everything on their list, but one place I definitely wanted to go was Cream. I had an ice cream sandwich with red velvet cookies and cookies and cream ice cream. YUM. So freaking good, you guys! So big shout out to the gals at Packed Party for suggesting it!


So basically San Francisco was amazing. We talk about just moving there all the time. It was so much fun, even just for a few days. If you take anything from this trip, here are a few of my pointers:

1. Stay in downtown, it's much more fun and convenient!
2. You really don't even need a rental car. It was great for us since we went to Napa, but other than that it was just a hassle driving everywhere and finding parking. Uber is fantastic!
3. There are pretty much ALWAYS tourists in SF, but when we went, everyone said it was busier than normal, so make sure there aren't any crazy big events going on when you book.
4. EXPIERENCE ALL THE FOOD. I was always shocked I saw people eating at Mcdonald's because they have so many good restaurants everywhere you go.

I've never done a post like before so I hope you all enjoyed! Let me know what you think! Love y'all so much! Happy Thursday!



Tee: PacSun (old, similar here) // Cardigan: ASOS (similar here) // Shorts: Savers (they were old jeans that I cut into shorts!) // Booties: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack (similar here) // Sunglasses: Framed Glasses (similar here) //

Can we all just take a second (if you're a Utah local!) to agree on the fact that the weather here has been ridiculous lately?! I never know what to wear because it's freezing in the morning, burning hot when I go to lunch, and freezing again when I get off work at night. So basically cardigans are my best friends these days. Well, pretty much every day. And this one from ASOS are what my black-and-white-striped dreams are made of. I'm a sucker for black and white stripes (can I get an amen?!) and I found this one on sale right before we left for San Francisco. It was a life saver when we were there because I could not believe how cold it got! Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great Monday!



top: pacsun // pants: old navy // heels: target //

So there's a story about these pants. I normally don't open my Old Navy emails (because they come every. single. day.) but on this particular day I decided to, because frankly I didn't have anything better to do at work. Well, I saw these pants were on sale for $12, and I knew I had to get to Old Navy like STAT. So I finally get there and I'm looking around the store EVERYWHERE and could not find them. Then I decided to finally just ask this employee if they still had them. She walked over to this rack and there was only ONE PAIR LEFT. And they were a size small. So she says, "well, it looks like these are the last pair.. but they're a small.. so I don't think they're gonna work for you..." I didn't even know what to say, so I was just like, "oh.. dang it." Then I guess she looked on the computer and saw they had a medium in the store somewhere, so she seriously went looking everywhere in the store for a good 10-15 minutes and finally found the mediums. So I go into the dressing room and they're HUGE. (I think Old Navy's sizes are weird..) Then I had to trek back out, grab the small size, and make sure they fit. They were perfect. (And actually, they kinda stretch out a bit during the day so I was SO glad I got the small) I wanted to go up to that girl and be like, HA! They do fit, you jerk! But thanks for the huge shot to me ego, anyway. Haha. So that's the story. Yep, I know. Very entertaining. Much exciting.

Hope you all had a great (and hopefully a three-day) weekend! I got spoiled all weekend for my birthday and had WAYY too many treats so it's really time to buckle down and get back to the clean eating!

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