So, here's my problem right now. (And maybe you have this same problem, hence, this post.) I love how I feel throughout the day when I go to the gym in the morning, BUT I hate having to wake up even earlier than needed because I have to take forever to do my hair. Well, I figured out a quick solution! Dry shampoo is my answer for everything, so you best believe it's my answer for this too. So, here's just a little tutorial I threw together to help y'all if you're in the same conundrum as I am!
Step 1: Dry shampoo, of course! I spray it all over my head, or wherever I have sweat or moisture so it can absorb it. I've tried many different dry shampoos at all sorts of price points, and this one has been my favorite by miles. Plus, it's cheap! Probably only around $5. If you've never tried a dry shampoo, you NEED to. I mean it. They are a lifesaver, especially if you have naturally oily hair like I do.
Step 2: Blow dry! I usually do it on cold air because I'm still hot from the gym, but you can do whatever your little heart desires, my friend. ;) I make sure to flip my head upside down and blow dry everywhere, making sure you got all the moist sections. (Yeah, I sweat a lot at the gym, don't judge.)
And there you have it! You have a clean, effortless look and no one can even tell you just sweat your butt off (literally) at the gym. Heck, you can even do this AT the gym! So easy, right?! One more tip, I always put my hair in a bun while I'm at the gym, so when I take it out, it has a natural curl to it. (As you can sort of see in the pic below.)
Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. 5 minute hair is my favorite and mostly the only way I do my hair haha not that I go to the gym in the mornings (I refuse to wake up any earlier than I absolutely have to so I go at night). And pssh if you're not sweating lots after your workout you didn't work out hard enough I say ;) p.s. I bought this dry shampoo after you posted about it the first time because I love NYM's other stuff and I also LOVE this - go figure ;)



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