Hi, I'm Jody, and my story is simple. I'm married to a wonderful man, live in Utah, am a lover of coffee, thrift shopping, and great food, and I'm here to make you love yourself.

As a woman, I am naturally prone to have body image issues. I have had them all my life. As most women do, I have moments where I can stand in front of my mirror and point out everything I'd like to change about myself. But that's all changing, starting now. I have found my outlet. My niche. My passion. Fashion isn't just putting on trendy clothes, it's about finding something that makes you feel and look beautiful. There is nothing better than putting on (okay, maybe jumping into) a pair of pants, looking at yourself in the mirror, and thinking to yourself, "Okay, I look GREAT."

Through fashion, I feel invincible. I will always believe the phrase, "If you look great, you feel great" because it is nothing but true. I have finally gained the confidence I've been seeking all my life, and I'm hoping I can help others find that confidence as well, whether it's through fashion or not. I'm here to help you believe that you are beautiful, no matter what shape or size you are. Yes, we all have our days, (I still have them too) but in the end, our happiness with ourselves is what matters most.

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  1. Love this blog! Love your attitude about beauty - the fact that it comes in all shapes and sizes! Thanks for the inspiration!

    A new follower,

    1. Thank you Stephanie! That means a lot!

  2. Great blog!
    Greetings from Europe!

  3. THAT PHRASE!! "If you look great, you feel great" ...completely agree

  4. Found your blog through Sometimes Gracefully and as soon as I read this About, I knew I had to follow. I have recently started overcoming serious body image issues too, and I can't agree more with your words here. Excited to be a new reader :]

  5. LOVE this. Such a great thing you're doing, keep it up! :-)

  6. LOVE this. Such a great thing you're doing, keep it up! :-)

  7. Love how honest and real you are! super cute blog!

  8. Love your blog! So fun to meet you the other day.

  9. Love your blog! So fun to have met you at the fashion icon awards the other day.


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