^^ Just excuse the crappy phone pics, but look how close I was to Gordon Hayward!! I'm seriously so obsessed with him. And we were freaking out over the new Jumbo Tron. It's HUGE.

On Saturday, we went to the Jazz scrimmage and it was seriously a blast. We were on like the 6th or 7th row, so we were SO CLOSE. My husband and I are die hard Jazz fans (my husband especially) and we CANNOT wait until the season starts. It was really fun being there, and getting to know our team a little bit better. I'm really hoping we're good this year!
Yesterday, I got together with my family to celebrate my birthday (yay!) down at the Gateway. Obviously my sister didn't get the stripe memo. ;) I'm so happy to say it is officially my birthday week! My birthday is on Friday, so yes, that means I'm celebrating allll week long. 
 Last weekend, my amazing sister finished her 5th full marathon. For those of you who don't know, that's 26.2 miles! She's incredible and we're all so proud of her. We wanted to be early to the finish line so we didn't miss her, and we ended up being there for a couple hours, so my nephew and I made the best of it. We spent the day searching for squirrels, eating pizza, enjoying the first glimpses of fall and the crunching leaves under our feet. It was a pretty magical day.

Happy Monday! Hope you all have an amazing day!


  1. AH!! I am an avid jazz lover too!! We take my special needs brother to all the weekend games! GIRL let's find each other when we are both there!!

  2. Love that leopard/stripes outfit! I was really proud of myself for running a half marathon haha...I can't imagine completing five full ones! Side note, you make such great choices in lip color!

  3. You're too cute! Happy almost birthday! So exciting, I love birthdays! (why not celebrate the whole week?!) And congrats to your sister!

    Xo, Kahana

  4. Cool post! nice pics <3


  5. love these pics! and happy birthday week :)

    this + that


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