Birthday wishlist
K, I warned you guys! I'm reeeally crazy about birthdays--especially mine. Of course I wanted to show you guys what's on my wishlist this year, but honestly, this post is mainly for my husband. He never knows what to get me, and I always give him a million options. So this year, it's documented. With pictures and everything!
Ever since I went to the Utah Style Icon Awards, I've wanted one of these Fujifilm instant film cameras SO bad. Taylor doesn't get it. He was like, "Why would you want a bunch of tiny pictures that look old?" To which I say, "I'm going to hang them all up! It's cute!" He still doesn't get it... Weirdo.
I always seem to put the more expensive stuff on my wishlists because they're just the things that I wouldn't spend the money on and buy for myself, but somehow I can justify it if my husband buys it for me... even if we share the same bank account... Is that weird? Oh well, let's just see if he even gets me anything off this list. ;) Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Love that leather dress! Jody i sure miss you. lets get together and celebrate your birthday!


  2. I totally agree with you on the whole camera thing! Like who wouldn't want one?!

  3. Awww i totally agree with you. When it comes to gifts, we ladies have to let our men have an idea about what we want or make friends show them. I hope he gets them for you :)

  4. Oh I post gift ideas for my husband and family too on my blog! That way there is no way they can get confused :) Love the red Hunter boots. They are one of my favorite things! And I love the leather dress!


  5. Hehehe not weird at all! That's the point of wishlists, it's for those dear to us to splurge on us when we don't wanna, regardless of shared bank account! I agree with the Fujifilm cam. You need one of those for sure.


  6. Great wish list! I really want a Polaroid as well. I've been wanting one for a while now! Love the watch as well :)

    xoxo, charlene

  7. I love that dress! Hope you get some of the items you're wishing for :)


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