Thought this idea was awesome, so I borrowed it from Sydney's blog. Hope you enjoy!

Making: lots and lots of Halloween crafts.
Cooking: is rare, but baking? Pumpkin cookies, please.
Drinking: Pumpkin chai from Starbucks. SO GOOD.
Reading: just got done with At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks, deciding on what to read next. Suggestions?
Wanting: more time.
Looking: forward to fall break!
Playing: wishing I had time for play.
Wasting: time on tv. So happy that all my shows are coming back on! New Girl, Modern Family, Glee, Vampire Diaries... just to name a few. ;)
Sewing: more goodies for my shop. Can't step away from the sewing machine lately..
Wishing: for a skinnier self.
Enjoying: this crisp, fall air.
Waiting: for the world to change.
Liking: when my husband actually says something about me on his social media.
Wondering: when life will slow down.
Loving: the special time I get to spend with my husband and family.
Hoping: for more faith. (copied from Sydney, but it couldn't apply more to my life right now)
Marveling: at my juggling skills--school, work, blogging, eating, sleeping...
Needing: literally everything in Target's office supply section.
Smelling: a scent that both my husband and I finally agree on: toasted marshmallow.
Wearing: all black, of course.
Following: the road less traveled. 
Noticing: my lack of sleep.
Knowing: that I have a ton of homework that needs to be done..
Thinking: about things wayy beyond my maturity level. (name that movie)
Bookmarking: birthday present ideas (I got my eye on a new pair of Hunter Wellies)
Opening: a new chapter of my life.
Giggling: always and at everything.
Feeling: exhausted.


  1. Love this!! What a great post!


  2. This is very fun! I love the idea. I want more time as well, I am also waiting for the world to change and I am wondering when life will slow down.


  3. This idea is so fun. I might borrow it too some time hahaha! Vampire diaries soon, yeah! :)
    Catch my recent post on Smize with Style.

  4. This is such a sweet post & really lovely idea! Haha, I want more time as well! Working at H&M and studying full time at University can sometimes be very challenging!


  5. I love this post idea, it's very personal and refreshing!

    Xo, Hannah


  6. This is such a great idea! And i love that we have the same pumpkin obsession... ;)
    Cute blog girl!


  7. great post and great blog

    Love to follow each-other? Let me know

  8. Me too. To like...half of this. I'm wishing for a skinnier self (I'm trying, grr...), always love when Ethan actually gets on his FB, let alone mentions me ;), noticing me lack of sleep for sure and definitely hoping for more faith....I actually watched a tiny bit of conference this weekend and I was amazed at how much some things related to my life right now! Oh and I'm convinced I now NEED a pumpkin chai like NOW.


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