a little bow detail


Sometimes I wear things that are a little embarrassing to talk about. Like my boots today, for example. Not only are they from Walmart, but I got them in the little boys department. Yep, Walmart cowboy boots for little boys. I guess now it's a little too late to be embarrassed. I'm just going to start letting it all out there. So there, I'm glad I got that off my chest.

Everything else, though, I'm definitely not ashamed of. I actually did my hair today, and on top of that--I even added an accessory. Yep, a bow. I forgot I even had this little bow, because I'm pretty sure I bought it in the 7th grade, but today I was glad to have found it. It was the cherry on top to my outfit today.

Sweater: Bohme Boutique
Boots: Walmart (haha)

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