happy new year, folks!


Man, 2012 has been really good to me. Got myself a husband, celebrated my niece's and nephew's 1st birthdays, went on an amazing honeymoon to Hawaii, celebrated my big 21st birthday in Vegas, and much more. Every year seems to be better than the one before, but I don't know how 2013 can top this one, but I have high hopes!

There were also many sad times for 2012 as well--including the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Hurricane Sandy, the shooting in Colorado at the movie theater, the Susan Powell case, and many more. So today, I'm not only looking back on the good times 2012 has brought me, but I'm also remembering the bad times. Unfortunately, there will always be bad times, and bad people, but I'm really hoping that will only make us more grateful and more appreciative of the good times.

So, cheers to 2013 being an amazing year to remember! Hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!

Sweater: Pacsun
Pants: Nike (running pants, actually, but don't tell anyone)
Boots: Target
Rings: Style Lately

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