just a family photo sesh.


Okay, so I'm no professional protographer, but it is a hobby I really enjoy doing. There's just something about being behind the camera that just feels natural. I won't bore you with my story about how I'm just like every girl in Utah with a camera, but I was really excited to do some fun, vintage photos for my sister and her cute family. She wanted some of her and her fiance for her 'Save-the-dates' and also just wanted some updated family photos. 

She had originally wanted to just go to the Union Station to do the pictures there, but of course we were all distracted with our hunger, so decided to stop at Nate's Grill in Ogden for some good, East Coast grub. (Anyone who is in the area, you definitely must try it.) Not only was it incredibly delicious, it was the perfect place for some vintage photos. So we ate, sang along to some old music, and took some pictures, all in one place. It made for some great pictures and good times

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