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I think we will always remember May 13, 2017 as one of the best days of our lives. After three years of diligently trying, it finally happened for us. We are pregnant. And I don’t think I will ever get sick of saying that. By far one of my most favorite phrases ever.

I haven’t written in so long, because I feel like, for the longest time, I was just walking around with this weight on me. This sadness. This depression. It lingered around for quite a while, and it was hard for me to write about. It was hard for me to sit there and put my emotions into words, because there weren’t any words left to describe what I had been feeling for so long. It was almost like there was a darkness that was hovering over me, over our marriage, over both of us. We knew we were missing something. There really was no way of comforting one another, because the truth was, we didn’t know when it was going to happen for us. It’s so hard when there is so much unknown.

Then on Saturday, May 13th, the day before Mother’s Day, it all fell together. I took a few tests, and sent pictures to my mom thinking they were negative because that second line was so faint. She called me immediately to tell me that it really is positive! There was a definite line there, and it was positive. It didn’t happen exactly how I pictured in my head, but the fact that my mom was the one to tell me I was pregnant was probably the best way it could have happened. The moment she told me, “babe, you’re pregnant!” was a moment that I will never forget. I instantly started bawling and just kept asking, “I’m pregnant?!” and “Are you serious?” and “This can’t be happening! How is this happening?!” because I literally could not believe it was actually happening. I was home alone while Taylor was out washing his truck, so I had a couple minutes to compose myself and think about how I was going to tell Taylor. All these years, I thought I would tell him in this cute, romantic way, but then when it actually came down to it, I had no idea. He finally got home and sat in his truck for what felt like a million years just cleaning the inside of his truck, until I decided to just go out there because I couldn’t contain myself. I knock on his window, he opens the door, and I say, “Guess what?... I’m pregnant!” And then immediately again, we are both in tears just hugging each other in the driveway for a good 10 minutes. We were both in shock. We couldn’t believe this was happening! We just kept saying, “Holy crap. This is really happening.” And it is. It’s happening!

I took about 5 more tests after that, ya know, just to be sure. And sure enough, they all kept coming back positive, and even more clear each time. It still didn’t feel real. I feel like I'm living a real life fairy tale. We are finally getting our happy ending. A baby!! I am over 13 weeks now, and have been feeling so great. The sciatica pains are pretty strong, and I just started getting some round ligament pain, (sharp pains in my belly) but really that has been the worst of it. Pregnancy is so magical, and I'm still amazed everyday that I am growing a human being in my belly. I don't want to say that I love being pregnant more than other pregnant women, but when you have wanted and longed for something so bad for so long, I really believe there is just a stronger appreciation there. We have waited for this day for years and we just feel so, so lucky that this little BOY has already blessed our lives so much. I feel such a connection with him already. We are just the happiest. 

Thank you all so much for all the love you've already shown to us! We are lucky to be surrounded by the best people who have been there for us through our hardest times, and now through our best. We can't wait (actually, we can because I love being pregnant!) to meet our little boy! It feels so good to say that!! 

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