Hi friends! I know, I know. I have been so MIA here on the blog! I have been sick, busy, tired, having life crises (that's the plural version of crisis, right?!), having computer problems, and just flat out exhausted. 

BUT, today I am so happy to share the most amazing watch company with you guys. When Wood Watches by JORD reached out to me, I knew after seeing their products online they would be a perfect fit for myself, my friends, and followers. Am I right?! I was obsessed the second mine came in the mail! It's such high quality, and the rose gold is just perfect. They already had it pre-sized so it was the perfect fit when it got to me! Not to mention, the packaging it comes in is absolutely adorable. With Christmas time right around the corner, they make the perfect gifts for everyone on your list! Be sure to go and shop their watches here

Have a great week! xo

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