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Happy Tuesday, guys! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! Today I'm happy to be teaming up with UncommonGoods to bring you a little gift guide for the upcoming holidays! It was so hard for me to narrow it down to just six items because everything is SO GOOD. Note to hubby: really dying over those wooden martini glasses!! They have the most incredible unique jewelry, and handmade pieces that you guys will die over. Every year, I feel like I need to be more and more creative with my gifts to everyone, but always struggle to come up with something on my own! I have really hit the jackpot finding this site because they really do have something for everyone on my list. They made it even easier for you (and me!) by curating a list of gifts for the special women in your life (mom, I finally found the perfect gift for you!) as well as gifts for your bestie! But really though, could you ask for anything better? 

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