Rehearsal Dinner Shenanigans & Attire


Dress: TJ Maxx (Similar) // Shoes: Target (Similar) // Bracelets: Kohl's // Flower Ring: Kohl's //
Bag: Michael Kors  //

So I had this bright idea to volunteer our house for my sister's rehearsal dinner last night. I'm totally under-exaggerating when I say that I'm a complete perfectionist when it comes to things like this. So I spent days cleaning my house to perfection, buying decor and treats to match her wedding colors, and making sure everything was just right. Everything was going according to plan--everyone knew what they were supposed to be bringing, I had the food prepared, the house was spotless, everything. Thennnn my mom arrived. The woman who was supposed to bring the most important essentials; the plates, the cups, the eating utensils... aaaaand she forgot them. But she didn't forget the mini brownies! It's not even my wedding, yet I totally had a Bridezilla moment. "Are you freaking kidding me?!" were my exact words, if I'm not mistaken. So I hurried and rushed to my kitchen to see what I could scrounge up. We ended up with Styrofoam plates and red solo cups. As I was having a mini panic attack in my head about the cups not matching any of the wedding decor, I looked around. I saw smiling faces, laughter, love, and my calm-as-a-cucumber husband--and then I was brought back down to earth. After that little bump in the road, the rest of the night was perfection. I sat there with my glass of wine, taking in all the laughter and conversation, and enjoying the scenery of our backyard. It was a state of pure bliss, a kind of bliss that can only be achieved when surrounded with loved ones. I'm so incredibly happy for my sister and her fiance--they have so much love for one another, and we had so much fun celebrating you two last night. Can we get this wedding weekend started already?!


  1. Everything looked so pretty! Congratulations to your sister and husband-to-be!

  2. Ok, you're decorations and house are way too cute! I love everything so much!! And that color is just gorgeous on you, you look stunning. I probably would have freaked out too lol but I'm glad everything turned out good :) Congrats to your sis, when's the big day?

    1. Thanks so much Jessi! The big day was on Saturday! Luckily everything turned out great!


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