I Wear Leggings As Pants


Top: H&M ($4.95!) // Leggings: PacSun // Bag: JustFab // Sandals: Target // Bracelet: Downeast // Geo Necklace: Rue 21 // Love Necklace: Downeast // Blanket: Ikea // Sunnies: Old Navy

 Yes, I'm totally guilty of being the girl who wears leggings as pants. To be fair, I am wearing a longer shirt, and it's not like they're see-through or anything. This outfit is perfect for a cool, summer night. We were actually headed to a baseball game when I told my husband to hurry and pull over for some quick outfit pics, so hence the blanket. ;)

Also, TODAY is the last day to enter the Oh My Chic giveaway! If you haven't yet, you can go here to enter! Sorry I can't stay and chat a little bit longer, but I got more wedding stuff to do! Happy Thursday!


  1. I wear them as pants too :) But always with longer shirts. I think we're totally justified! Haha. And these are too cute not to show off! I love that your bag and shirt match and that blanket actually ended up being a cute accessory!

  2. Jody! Love Your blog! i have a question for you. I am switching blog sites cause mine is crazy overpriced right now to host. it will suck because i will have to try and switch over all of my followers, but i was just wondering how you went about yours? does it cost anything? and how about the layout? did you get it from blogger or somewhere else? im just used to having my own site but it gets crazy expensive ya know?? just curious on how you got this one started. who you went through and whatnot:) any input? is this a good way to do it? Thanks!!

    1. I got my layout through Blogger, but have personalized it a lot. I did everything myself, because I didn't want to spend a ton of money on something I can do myself! My domain only costs $10 per year so it's not bad at all, and I just did it through Google. Blogger makes it really easy, and there are tons of tutorials out there for personalizing your blog. :) Hope that helps! Feel free to email me if you have any other questions!

    2. what is this theme called? my wordpress one looked somewhat similar in layout but i changed it a ton as well. i have been trying to find one on blogger but i cant

  3. Your blog is so cute!!! i love your outfits!!


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