A Little Leather Detail


Happy Friday, friends! I'm so sorry, I meant to post this outfit yesterday but my day was just a little crazy. I had a group presentation at school, a test, work, and then I had to drive to Park City to film a Reggae Zumba commercial! Then when I got home, I just wanted to hang out with my hubs, and not to mention the fact that I was seriously so exhausted.

This outfit was the outfit that was featured on Every New Day on Wednesday. It was so fun working with Christina, and she styled her liquid leggings adorably. So here ya go! Happy Friday!

Top: Kohl's // Leggings: Koo De Ker Boutique // Boots: ZooShoo.com // Bag: Michael Kors
// Sunglasses: Steve Madden


  1. I totally have this shirt but striped! Love it. I wanted it in every color. It looks perfect with the liquid leggings! So fun that you both styled them :)
    And you were in a zumba commercial...what?!

    1. Same here! I'm pretty sure I tried it on in every color and had the hardest time deciding which one I wanted! Haha!

      But yeah! A few years ago (when I was young and naive) I signed up with a talent agency, but never really did anything with them, but they contacted me about it and wanted me to do it, so I agreed! It was way fun, but gosh, it was tiring! Haha

      Thanks, Jessi!

  2. Zumba commercial!?! Sweetness! I hope you post a link to it when it comes out :).

    1. Haha! Maybe I will if I don't look like a complete weirdo. ;)

  3. Love the leggings! The top goes perfectly with them. You look fabulous, as usual!



  4. this is a very modern style, its such amazing!

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