Pumped up kicks.


So, I got me some new kicks. I've seen these around everywhere, but wasn't sure I could ever pull them off. But of course, my sweet husband reassured me that I could, and actually TOLD me to buy them! So I did, and I only spent $14 on them! The cheapest I've seen shoes go for is about $35, so I snatched these suckers right up. I don't know why, but it seems like good deals just fall right in my lap. I'm not complaining, though! I love me a good deal!

Anyway, I thought and thought about what I was going to wear these shoes with, and couldn't think of many things. Then, this morning, it just came to me. I put my outfit on, and sure enough, it worked. (Well, at least for me anyway!) Enjoy!

Hoodie: eBay (Yeah, even from China! haha!)
Vest: Miss Me
Liquid Leggings: Koo De Ker Boutique
Shoes: JCPenney


  1. You should start an account on lookbook.nu! Your outfits are way cute, and I've been wanting a pair of those shoes for a long time, I just had the same fear of not being able to pull them off. Are they comfortable?

    1. Thank you! But yes! They are extremely comfortable.

  2. I got a similar pair on ebay and I live in them (comfy yes indeed)! It's summer here in Australia and I still wear them with shorts and skirts, now I want a new pair in another colour!


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