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Winter-ize your maxi skirts.
If any of you feel the same as I do, I feel like sometimes it feels a little awkward wearing a maxi skirt in the middle of winter. It's weird, I know, but there are ways you can make that summery maxi skirt/dress more winter appropriate.

I have this adorable maxi dress I got on clearance a few weeks ago, and have been really wanting to wear it. So, I put it on, added some gold accessories, a leather jacket, some black boots, and tights to keep my legs warm, of course, and then added a touch of dark eye shadow and voila! I know everyone is different, so you can add whatever you'd like. I chose to add a little leather and gold detail, but you can choose to add a cute cardigan and silver detail. That's why fashion is so fun.

Dress: BaZei Boutique
Jacket: Sassy Chic Boutique (Sadly, store is no longer open)
Boots: Just Fab
Cross Necklace: Gordman's
Deer (blue) Necklace: Kohl's
Binoculars Necklace: Bazei Boutique


  1. Where did you get that necklace!? It's gorgeous! Well all of them are, but especially the blue stag impression one....

    1. I got that one at Kohl's! Clearance, too! :) sorry, I forgot to put that on my post!

  2. Ooo thanks! I'll have to stop by there and see if they have any left :)


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