Top: Thrifted (cute option here!) // Jeans: Old Navy (similar here) // Booties: ZooShoo (and also in olive green here) // Lips: Kat Von D // 

Let me just tell you guys that cutting my bangs may have been the worst decision ever. Okay, maybe not the worst, but kind of up there. They were fun for about 2 seconds. And now they look like this. I have to awkwardly try to do something with them everyday so I usually just end up pushing them to the side like this, just trying to get them out of my face. Anyone else go through this with bangs?! It is such a struggle. So please remind me to never do it again. Kthxbyeeee.

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  1. The same thing happen with me every time I decide to get bangs. Right now I have a love hate relationship with my bangs.


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