Hi friends! Today I wanted to share a few things about my blue hair, because I've been asked a thousand questions and feel like a total jerk for not being able to answer every one. So here it goes! 

Q: What brand/color did you use?
A: I used Color Brilliance Ion in the Aqua color

Q: Does it get on your clothes or stain your hands?
A: If it did, my color would've been outta here so fast! The brand I used fortunately does not stain anything. After I get out of the shower, I do use a towel that I don't really care for, because when it's wet, it worries me a little, but even then it doesn't. No stains on clothes, sheets, pillows, nada!

Q: Did you bleach it first?
A: My hair was already a blonde ombre before, so I fortunately didn't have to. As you can tell, it didn't color my brown at all, so if you do have brown/dark hair, you'd probably have to bleach before.

Q: How long does it last?
A: This is a semi-permanent color, so it really depends on how often you wash it. I can usually go without a wash for a week, sometimes twice a week. So it has lasted pretty long for me, but I don't necessarily like the way it fades after about 2 washes. With the blonde, it looks more of a greenish color.

Q: What does it look like when it fades?
A: I was worried about this before I even colored it, but I went for it anyway. With that said, it's not pretty. Like I said above, with the blonde, it looks like a greenish color when it fades. And it's pretty hard to cover up. I recently got a dark purple color to go over it because I didn't like the color it was fading in to, but it ended up coloring my hair just a darker blue, but looks fine. :)

Q: Does it affect the way you dress?
A: Honestly, it made me actually WANT to get ready everyday. Haha. But as far as what I wore, it didn't affect it whatsoever. Still dressed the same, but with Smurf hair! ;)

A: I got asked this from multiple family members and friends why I decided to just randomly color my hair BLUE. (P.S. Every time I saw that I think of Bride Wars and Kate Hudson. "My hair's BLUE!") I had just been going through so much, and was almost having a life crisis. I was stressed, anxious, making life decisions way beyond my maturity level, and just over it. I needed something to help me break free. I just wanted to go crazy and do something wild. I have always wanted to color my hair a crazy color, but for years I had a professional job that would never allow it. I have an amazing job right now where I can color my hair whatever color I want and they wouldn't care, so why not? Why not now? When else would you have the chance to color your hair blue? So I did it. As a rash decision, I just freaking did it. Do I regret it? Heck no. Do I miss my blonde? Ohhhh yes. So much. But man, blue hair is so much fun. 

If there are any questions I missed, feel free to comment them below or on my Instagram! Love you guys! Happy Thursday!

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