Sweater: Nordstrom // Leggings: Victoria's Secret // Coat: Forever 21 // Shoes: Nike Free 5.0 // 

Hello! Happy Tuesday! So basically I've been wanting a camel color coat FOREVER. I was shopping with my sister and niece this weekend and THERE IT WAS. In the clearance! I'm so freaking in love with it I don't think I'll ever take it off. Which, is probably a good idea since it's been so gosh dang cold here lately. 

But k you guys.. Yesterday was my first day back at the gym in a while, and boy did it feel amazing. I was pretty fit before and was a freak about eating healthy and going to the gym, until I hit this wall of depression. I have been in crap mode for months--just eating like crap, no physical activity whatsoever, and straight up self-loathing. It was bad. So, I am happy I am finally feeling myself again for once. Feels good. Real good. 

Anyway, shop more darling (and affordable!) camel coats below!


  1. going to the gym always makes me feel good too.

  2. I really need to look for a coat like that!
    xo Ellen from Ask Away

  3. Your coat is lovely. Happy new Year!

  4. Ugh help me go to the gym!! Haha. I've been in the same boat for months too :/ and now I'm super fat. Which definitely doesn't help the self loathing part.. I need to get back in shape! Love that coat! I always want a camel one too but I never buy one lol

  5. Love the coat with the sneaks. So cute!



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