My outfit details-- Dress: Sock Monkeyin Around Antiques (true vintage!) // Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Rings: Fifth & Mae // Crown: Miss Stevi Marie //Lips: MAC "Diva" //

His outfit details-- Dress shirt: Men's Warehouse of Ogden // Pants: Levi's // Tie: Kohl's // Shoes & socks: Kohl's // 

Photography by Brittni Willie

So, when Taylor and I got married (2 1/2 years ago, can't believe it has been that long!) I refused to have him ever even SEE my dress. It was the hardest secret to ever keep from him, but so worth the wait, because his reaction seeing me walk down the aisle was the most priceless thing ever. So we were never able to get "formals" done (or some call them "bridals" or "groomals", whatever the heck they are) and I've always been sad about it. After our wedding ceremony, we didn't have too much time in between the ceremony and reception, so we had to bust out the pictures like FAST. And, you know, I have a large family. We wanted the group photos, the photos with our wedding party, our parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers... You know. Plus, we picked the most freezing day in June in the history of ever, so it was like 50 degrees and windy, so taking pictures was no easy task. So we were able to squeeze in some pictures of just Taylor and I, but I always wanted more. Ya know? (Isn't that the problem with America, we always want more?) So I texted my photog friend Brittni, and boom. We made magic happen. I could not be happier with how they turned out. Plus, I found this gorgeous vintage wedding dress for $50! How incredible is it?! Kinda wishing I had found it for the actual wedding! Anywho, that's the story. And now I want updated pictures like this like, every year. Too much? Eh, maybe. So grateful to have a hubby who I literally fall more and more in love with everyday. Plus, he's really, really, ridiculously good looking. ;) (If you can name that movie, we're best friends) Have a great day, guys!


  1. I can't even talk about how stunning these pictures are. You guys are such an adorable and beautiful couple!

  2. You look stunning. Also the pictures are amazing

  3. That dress is breathtaking! And these photos are amazing. Btw is that a Zoolander quote? Lol

  4. Zoolander!! We're besties ;) Im in LOVE with these!!! You two look so beautiful! Our wedding day pics were kinda crappy too haha. Isn't it the best when you can get your hubby to take pics with you?! Haha we have the best hubbies:)
    Miss you guys!!


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