Hello, my friends! Today I'm doing a quick and easy tutorial for y'all. At my new job, (temporary, I'm starting a new job in September! Yay!) I'm required to have my hair pulled up everyday. I'm always trying to switch things up a little bit, but still have it be quick and easy. A "unicorn braid" does that just! It's cute, easy, but still unique. Just follow the steps below, hope you enjoy!
1. Dry shampoo! I'm obsessed with this stuff, and it's great to add texture, even if your hair isn't dirty. It will make the braid pop more.
2. Spray throughout hair, and make sure to get underneath.
3. Secure into a high pony tail.
4. Separate hair into two pieces.
5. Start twisting and braiding hair! One piece you will twist outwards, the other piece will twist inward, making them opposites of each other. This is important, because if it's done wrong, the braid won't stay. Just remember to have them going opposite directions!
6. Loosen up the braid. (Not required, of course!)
7. Secure with small elastic.
And voila! A chic, easy pony that will be sure to attract some compliments. (People were asking me all day how I did it!) Hope you all have a fantastic day! Love you so much!


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