Dress: Mystree (old) // Chambray: TJ Maxx // Wedges: Target (old) // Sunglasses: Gap // Hat: Target // Necklace: Craft Lake City (can't remember the name of the vendor!) // Lips: MAC "Lady Danger" //
I just cannot even tell you guys how sad I am that this weekend is over. I had the best weekend I've had in a while! My husband has the week off work and yesterday was the first Sunday I've got to spend with him in FOREVER. Seriously. I loved every second. Plus, he did a little project for me that I'm so excited to show you guys! He did an awesome job, so I'll be sure to post pics. On Saturday, we spent the day doing the Hit & Run 5k (just like the show Wipeout in real life!) with my bestie Jessi, and then strolled around Craft Lake City (local craft/diy fair, so much fun!) for a few ours and got some pretty things. I'll be sure to post pics from the race too, they're just too hilarious! That night, we went to dinner with Jessi and her hubby, and just talked for hours. I feel like it's hard to find people you can connect with like that, so I just feel so lucky to have such amazing friends like them. Anyway, hope you all had a beautiful weekend! Have a wonderful Monday.  


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  2. Aww I feel so lucky too! Seriously, you're the best!! Me and Ethan had So much fun and I feel like Ethan and Taylor really hit it off too! We need to double more often! I love this outfit and your necklace ;) You're such a babe! Love you!
    P.S. I'm kind of excited/scared to see these pics from the race hahaha

  3. Girl I love this outfit! It's fabulous!
    I tagged you in my blog post for today! It's a fun blogger writing tour! Head to my blog to see the questions!



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