Dress (if you're short like me!): Anthropologie (extra 20% off with code BUZZ20! Hurry!) // Shoes: Old Navy // Bag: TJ Maxx (similar) // Necklace: c/o Bauble Boutique // Lips: MAC "Flat Out Fabulous" // Sunnies: Forever 21 (old, similar) //
Yyyyyeah, sorry I only got a couple shots of this amazing dress! A freaking gust of wind knocked over my tripod and bam. Tripod freaking broken. After I got my awesome new remote and everything! Haha. I'm just thankful my camera is okay!
But anyway, this dress (it's actually more like a tunic/sweater type deal, but I'm short enough to wear it as a dress) is incredible. I wish I could've gotten a close up of the sleeves and the material because both are to die for. Plus, the pattern is gorgeous. And also, I'm sorry, but I'm definitely going to wear these heels every single day from here on out! Perfect color? Yep, nude is supposed to be slimming right? Perfect height? Mmhmm. So easy to walk in. Perfect altogether? YESSS you guys! I'm tellin' ya, in love I say. Happy Thursday! (P.S. I'm starting a new job tomorrow! Ah! I'm so nervous/excited/ready to pee my pants/scared! Wish me luck!)


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    1. Haha, well that's good news! Yes, I'm only 5'3"-5'4"! I wish I was taller!!

  2. I seriously love this look! You rock this dress girl!!!


  3. Dying over that shift dress, so pretty!


  4. this dress/tunic is adorable! out of curiosity, how tall (or short ;)) are you?

  5. So pretty! Obsessed with your shoes!

  6. Love the whole so cool and pretty <3


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