Hi everyone! I'm Jenna from Visions of Vogue - a fashion blog about my personal style with the occasional sassy comment on life. I started Visions of Vogue as a way to expand my creativity. I work in finance for a video game company and there are a limited number of artistic things you can do in Excel! Trust me, I've exhausted them all. I always loved fashion but only recently started dressing like I did (I got reeeally comfortable with yoga pants during my college days but then again, didn't we all?). My goal with blogging is to challenge myself to try new trends, maybe even make some of my own, and to just have fun doing so. It's as easy as that! Someone once described my style as bohemian chic fashionista-y and I think that sums it up exactly - it's a mixture of my favorite elements of every style. I'm always changing it up to keep myself and my readers entertained. Below are a few of my favorite looks. Enjoy!
Visions of Vogue - The Summer Night Dress 4Visions of Vogue - Espadrilles, Skirt, and a Trenchcoat 5Date Night 8DSC_0222DSC_0165099


  1. Love that bandana scarf/red skirt combo!

  2. These are all great looks! My favorite is that printed sheath dress.



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