Hello all! Happy Friday! And Happy National Donut Day! Today I'm happy to introduce you guys to Katey. She's a new blogger and freaking adorable. Her photography is incredible. But I'll let her do the talking. Hope you guys enjoy!
Hi! I’m Katey, a new face in the lifestyle blogger world. I get the “What’s a lifestyle blog?” question a lot. Short answer: It’s an ‘all things me’ blog! I love everything fashion, beauty/makeup, music, traveling, etc, but my career choice lies in photography. I’ve been a writer since I could form words, so blogging kind of brings all of that together on one random, but (hopefully fun) journalistic type platform. This is my people project. My custom Tumblr and my jumbled thoughts. I’m my best self out on an open road, probably lost, but I’d tell anyone that’s the best way to do it. I like to think my photography captures those very things and relationships I don’t want to forget and I then align it all with music, featured as post titles. I’ll take pictures of you and make a new friend all in one shoot. I live in Utah, but will work wherever you send me. You’re rad for reading! Let’s chat more.
P.S. Shoutout to Jake Minardi: My right hand man, partner in crime + best "assistant" a girl could ask for. See him more on Instagram! @jakeminardi
You can find Katey's blog here.

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