Hi all! I know I've been MIA this week, but I still wanted to give you guys the chance to meet Stephanie! She is super adorable, and I love her blog. I promise I will be back next week with outfit posts, love you all. Thanks for always sticking around! Anyway, here's Stephanie:

 My name is Stephanie and I blog over at Kole Impressions.  I currently live in Colorado and work a pretty boring job. I'm constantly trying to push the wardrobe boundaries and spice things up around the office. I started blogging because we moved 5 times in our first year of marriage just for fun and wanted to have an outlet that was stable. I guess if you had to put a label on my blog it would be a lifestyle blog. My husbands always like ... but what does that mean? Ha it means that most of the time I'm posting pictures of myself in cute clothes and writing about funny and incredibly awkward stories in our day to day lives. Throw in a little about travel and our adventures(because we can't stay still) and trying to find yourself in this big world and wah-lah you've got a lifestyle blog!

While living in Chicago I went to the Art institute for Photography and when we moved back out west I started second shooting for some reaaaal talented gals! My dream for photography would be to capture peoples real every day lives. Its fun to get dressed up and take photos but I want to capture the real deal. The morning routines that you will look back on, coffee with your husband in the morning, becoming a mother all of the moments that slowly change your life. The moments that makes life your own.

Some other fun things ..

Im a vegetarian and wanna be raw foodie. I would love to eat raw foods 100% of the time but I just love Mexican food too darn much. 

My big girl dream would be to open a coffee shop somewhere tropical and run a photography business out of it all while working besides my husband. I'm married to a great man and we have the best adventures together. (A pretty big one coming up!)

I love blogging for the fun friendships you form and all of the creativity. Most of the girls I have met blogging use it as a creative outlet and I think its incredible.
Thanks for reading my post and learning a little bit more about Kole Impressions. I would love to meet you all and see what your blogs are like!

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