Dress: Local Boutique (old) // Sandals: Target // Head Scarf: Oh My Chic (coming soon!) // Necklace: H&M //
Some of you may know that I have an online shop called Oh My Chic! While I was in school, things were way too crazy to have it open, so it's been closed for a few months. Well, I'm done with school for the summer and have been making tons of new things to put up in my shop, including this head scarf! I will have so many cute patterns, and they're great because you can wear them so many different ways. I'm 110% positive I will be wearing one everyday this summer, because they're just so perfect when you don't feel like doing anything with your hair. The grand re-opening of my shop will be next Monday, so stay tuned! There may be a fun giveaway involved also. ;) Whoop! Hope you all have an amazing day! Oh and P.S. don't mind these crappy pics, I literally went to the top story of a parking garage, set my camera on my car and snapped a few with my self timer, haha. No biggie. I'm at the point where I don't even care if people see me. I need to get some outfit shots, dang it! Haha.


  1. Love this casual look! That headscarf is soooo gorgeous! I'll definitely be checking out your shop when it opens again :)

  2. This look is so summer chic! And I adore that headscarf. I'd definitely wear that.

    Can't wait until you reopen your online store!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  3. I'm loving this head scarf! And this necklace! You are styling' girl!!


  4. cute head scarf. I with you I don't care any more who see me taking outfit photo's.

  5. I know the exact feeling! I totally look like a fool sometimes trying to get pictures but you don't always have somebody around right? Love the outfit girl!


  6. I LOVE that head scarf - can't wait until you open your shop so I can snag one! And that dress looks soooo comfy & perfect for summer!



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