^^ Seriously my favorite primer ever, perfect if you have an oily face like me.
Hello! Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to switch things up a bit and do a little product review. If you follow me on Instagram (if not, you should! @jodybethblog) you probably saw that I met my favorite blogger ever, MaskCara, a couple weeks back. She is seriously the sweetest person ever, and I LOVED meeting her and getting some advice on my face and makeup. She's an expert, so if you have time (even if you don't!) you must stop by her blog. Anyway, when I was there at her event, I decided to get myself a HAC pack (her line of makeup). I wanted to try it out for a couple weeks so I could see how I really felt about it so I could give you guys my honest opinion.
First of all, I really love the whole concept. I've been highlighting and contouring my face ever since I learned how from her blog, and I'm an avid HAC-er now! Ask my husband! BUT, a couple things: My face is naturally pretty oily, and the foundation makes it look more oily, which is something I'm not a fan of. If you don't have oily skin, I'm sure it wouldn't be as much of a problem for you! Also, if you can see in my second picture, it looks a little cakey on my skin. I'm on the hunt for a really good brush to fix that, so I'll let you know if that changes anything! Another thing is, on my skin, I don't feel like it shows up enough and for me, it's not enough coverage. You can probably tell from the photo that the contouring just isn't enough, don't you think? Again, a great brush may be able to fix that. Overall, I really like it and think Cara did an awesome job creating such a cool product line! If you guys haven't learned how to highlight and contour your face, you need to watch her tutorial here. She's the best! Hope you guys have a great day! Thanks for taking the time to read!


  1. isn't fun meeting up with fellow bloggers.

  2. ^^ what she said!! Haha. I really want to try it! I don't have oily skin but I do like a lot of coverage so I'm still kind of on the fence...
    I use it for my foundation and it's the best thing ever.

  3. you look so gorgeous!
    hopefully you find some good brushes and fall in love with the products :)


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