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Okay, okay, so number 6 isn't from ASOS, but it's definitely an essential for NYE. I actually got myself these shoes last night and I cannot wait until they get here! They were even on sale too! They have a great sale going on right now so be sure to snag more stuff while you're over there! If you order by tonight, they can have your order to you by New Year's Eve! So it's perfect! I've been searching for a perfect NYE outfit, but then my husband reminded me that he has to work on NYE... so I guess that means I probably won't be doing anything! Haha. My husband's job really sucks. And I'm sad. But who knows, maybe I'll just slip on a pretty dress anyway and open myself up a bottle of wine and call it good. ;) Good luck in finding the perfect outfit for NYE! Hope this helps! Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Love the NARS lip pencils. I've been dying to try a darker color - my current favorite is the perfect orange-red called Red Square.

  2. I've always envied women who can pull off the #4 look! if i ever get a boob reduction I'm going to try on a dress like that first thing!


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