TOP: TARGET (Old, similar here) // SKIRT: KOHL'S (similar) // SHOES: DANA BUCHMAN VIA KOHL'S (similar, kind of pricey, but the only I could find!) // BAG: PHILLIP LIM FOR TARGET (dying for a real one) // GLASSES: ICING (similar) // CHARM BRACELET: BETSEY JOHNSON (similar)

HO. LY. CRAP. I should officially be fired as the worst blogger ever. It was really nice to have a little break for a week, but I felt almost as if I were neglecting my baby! And you guys! And even today, I only have a few pics for ya, because well, my camera battery died in the middle of my little photo sesh. It seriously gets so hard juggling school, work, my blog, my Etsy shop... and on top of that have some type of social life?! Which is why I pretty much don't have one lately. ;)

EXCEPT! This weekend, I have SO many fun things planned with my girl Jessie. I cannot wait to hang out with her and finally have our hubbies meet. 

Also, I cannot even explain to you how pumped I was about scoring this bag. I saw people posting stuff about Phillip Lim's Target line on Instagram on Sunday morning, and thought, maybe I'll swing by there sometime this week... Then I saw a comment from a girl saying that most of the bags were sold out at her Target, and that girls were lining up at the door that morning when it released. Boy, I had never gotten ready so fast. I knew I had to rush to Target to pick one up, and I'm glad I left when I did, because I got the last one! It's the perfect color (and size) for Fall and I love it because I can fit all my books in it and carry it around campus. The Target Gods were definitely watching over me. Happy Tuesday! Thanks for reading!



  1. You are so cute! Love that 2nd pic :). And you're right, that bag is amazing. I can't believe you got the very last one! SCORE!

  2. I need a leather skirt in my life!

  3. yay!! I can't wait for this weekend either! :) Except I'm freaking out over what to wear Saturday...
    This skirt is from Kohl's?! I need one! It's like the perfect length/shape and my closet is missing a leather skirt... lucky you snatching up one of the Phillip Lim bags! I thought all was lost since I kind of forgot all about the launch but I did manage to grab the floral dress and a skirt yesterday on my lunch break! Yay!!

  4. I am LOVING how you styled your plaid top. It looks great with the skirt and I love how you tied it. Way to get to Target in time, too! My store still had a ton of bags left by the time I got there... just not the yellow one I wanted! :(

  5. So gorg, as usual! Love your glasses and that skirt! I've been wanting a skirt like that for forever but I don't know how I'd style it haha. Also the bag is perfect, I'm so happy for you that you were able to get it! The Target gods are certainly wonderful.

  6. Love the skirt... looks so cute with the plaid top you had on xx

  7. And I'm mad for this outfit. That is one serious arm candy girl.


  8. wow great look! love the shirt !!!!
    Maybe we follow each other!?
    If yes , let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)



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