TOP: SASSY CHIC BOUTIQUE (Old, but similar here) // PANTS: LC LAUREN CONRAD VIA KOHL'S (Only $16! Get them here!) // SHOES: SHOEDAZZLE (Sold out, but wanting these) // BAG: MICHAEL KORS SELMA // SUNNIES: TARGET (Not online, but similar here) // HAT: TARGET (similar here) //
Seriously, I just want to thank you guys SO, SOO much! I feel like I'm constantly thanking you guys, but I'm just so thankful. :) I feel so much love and support through such a hard time, so for that, I'm so grateful. Life has been seriously just a huge ball of stress lately, but with all the support I have, my heart is filled with gracious and happiness. I have so much love for all my blogger friends, I feel like we're best friends, and most of us haven't even met in real life! But I just love you guys anyway.
But anyway, can we talk about these shoes for a sec?! I'm so sad they're not available anymore because now you can't get yourself a pair! They. Are. Amaze. Literally everywhere I went I just kept hearing, "Oh my gosh! I love your shoes! Where did you get them?!" It's not everyday that people are literally fawning over my shoes, so it feels good. Feels real good. I love them so much, and feel like they added the perfect little pop of color to a chic, black outfit. I gotta squeeze in all my neons before it's too late!
Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful weekend! xo



  1. I absolutely love this look. I'm a big fan of combining black with a real bright pop of colour and this does the job perfectly. Great shoes!!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  2. Woah! those shoes and sunnies are fabulous!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  3. Wow Jody! Your blog si getting better every day!! Those shoes are aaaaaabsolutely stunning!!!!

  4. A. You're hot! B. I want your entire closet in my house, now. C. Your photos are getting better and better! Love everything about this post. Also - we should just plan a blogger meet up somewhere between here & there next summer ;). Meeting in real life would be crazy cool. The end.

  5. wow absolutely in love with the sunnies!

  6. Love those sunnies. The road that you are standing on adds a really fun perspective to the photos!

    So pretty!

    Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate

    Paris //
    Instagram @charcoalalley

  7. wow you look sooo amazing! love love love your heels! so pretty :)

  8. Absolutely FABULOUS! And yes, I too want that bag & shoes! lol

  9. in LOVE with that hat!!


  10. You look stunning! I love this outfit and those shoes are amazing :)

  11. You look gorgeous!!!! The hat and the purse just make this outfit fantastic!


  12. Loving the pops of pink!

    Brooke du jour

  13. Those SHOES!!! Oh my goodness. I LOVE them! I saw some a lot like them at Mary Jane's in Park City but they were too expensive for me sadly :( You look amazing! Love the leather-ish pants and those gold sunnies!

  14. ah you have lovely style!!
    xo Jessica
    stop by when ya get a chance

  15. UM wow those shoes! Loving them - they add such an awesome pop of color! xo

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  17. you are gorgeous! love your blog!

  18. I just stumbled upon your blog (from Pinterest) and OMG I am in LOVE. You are a beautiful lady and your style is just amazing. I love the simplicity of this outfit yet you totally made it pop with those heels! I am going to have to find those... :)

    I can't wait to now follow and see more.

    Angela @ Pens & Peonies!

  19. I'm not a huge fan of pink on me BUT on you it looks AMAZING!! love how you paired everything :)


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