For Those Summer Nights


Beatles Top: Kohl's (similar) // Shorts: Old Navy // Letter Jacket: Ross // Converse Shoes: Ross //
So yesterday was my mom's birthday, (happy birthday, mom!) and she seriously loves Ross. She is constantly buying stretchy, flowy dresses and wears them over and over and over again, so for her birthday, I got her a Ross gift card. Of course while I was there I had to browse a little in the clearance, and I found this great letter jacket! AND it was only $6.99! Holy crap, I was so stoked. This is the perfect little jacket for those summer nights, and I know I'll definitely get my money's worth. ;)
I experimented a little bit with the filter in these photos because this outfit just seems so, I don't know, like 50's with a twist? No? Okay, maybe I'm just weird. But anywho, that's my explanation for the filter. Happy hump day!


  1. Your photos are lovely :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. LOVE love love your style Jody! That jacket is so cute, I love it with those shorts...and what a steal! Hope your mom had an awesome bday :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. loveeeee your letterman jacket!! this look is perfect :D

  4. Love your letterman jacket and converse shoes!

  5. I love this! So darling :)
    Courtney Rae


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