Floral Snapback


 Top: Old Navy // Shorts: Hurley via Zumiez // Shoes: Old Navy // Snapback: Discrete Clothing (Sold out) but dying for this one) // Arrow Cuff: Fifth & Mae // Triangle Ring: Fifth & Mae //

I'm baaa-aaack! It seriously feels like I've been away for awhile, but all the wedding madness is over, the family all went back home, and now I'm back with you guys with an outfit post. Woohoo! I've finally been able to respond to everyone's comments and emails, so thank you guys for being patient!

I literally bought this hat yesterday, and wearing it today. I went to the Park Silly Market with my family yesterday and as we were leaving, we passed by this booth for Discrete Clothing and I seriously fell in love. All of their snapbacks are seriously amazing. A lot of girls say they're not 'hat people' but seriously, if you pair this baby with the right outfit, ANY girl (or guy) can pull it off. I have a feeling I'll be wearing this gem alll summer long. I'm loving anything floral right now, and I'm especially loving this Hawaiin-looking floral hat. This is a Salt Lake City based company, which makes it even cooler (shop local!) and I was shocked that I haven't heard of the company sooner! Also, if you're in Utah and haven't been to the Park Silly Market, DO! It is so much fun. Happy Monday, guys! xo


  1. I'm so in love with snapbacks. I would love to do an ootd with them, but my short hair and big head really won't do well with it LOL. You made it look good!

    Tori | GlassesAndGlitter

    1. Aw thanks so much Tori! Haha you're so sweet! xo


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