This Love of Mine


Boy, I just love this husband of mine. He is seriously my best friend. No joke. I know I say every weekend is the best weekend, but we just had the best weekend! We rode our bikes, went out for sushi, I had a fun girls day with the girls from work, we went to the drive-in, then I finished it off with a day at the pool with my mom. If every weekend was like this, I would be completely fine with it. We got to the drive-in so early (because he's a freak about being early anywhere we go) so we had to find something to keep us busy for an hour. Hence, all the pictures. Okay, so it was basically me just taking pictures and him laughing saying, "What are you doing?!" But he made funny faces anyway. Such a cutie, that guy. He kills me. I hope you guys had an amazing, fun-filled weekend as well! xo

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  1. You guys are too cute! So glad you had a great weekend. Things were pretty chill over here, but it was much needed! Josh and I haven't been to a drive-in since 2007 maybe. Thanks for mentioning it, cause we need to go!


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