Oh My Chic! Shop Grand Opening Giveaway!


Oh my goodness, you guys. I have been anxiously awaiting so long, and it's finally ready! My shop is now open for business! Much more will be added shortly, but here a few of the styles I have up in the shop right now. I am so ecstatic about this, you have no idea. The shop is called "Oh My Chic!" (Get it? Oh My Chic! made by Jody of jodybchic? Sometimes I can be creative.) I started making these headbands and pillow covers for my own personal use. But then every time I would wear one of these headbands around, I would get flooded with compliments. So why not share with the world? 

To celebrate this wonderful grand opening of my shop, why not start with giving away one of these bad boys?! You can choose whichever one your little heart desires! So, here's how you can win one of these gorgeous gems:

Must be a follower of Jody Beth. If you're not, you will not be included in the giveaway. To do so, just click "Join this Site" in the right sidebar.

 How to Win:
(You do not need to complete all steps, but every step will get you an additional entry)
1. Like Oh My Chic! on Facebook here.
2. Like Jody Beth on Facebook here.
3. Follow Oh My Chic! on Instagram here. (@ohmychicshop)
4. Follow Jody Beth on Instagram here. (@jodybchic)
5. Pin your favorite item from the shop on Pinterest.

Comment below stating which steps you did! Good luck to you all! Giveaway will run until Thursday, the 27th and winner will be announced the following day.


  1. Love these headbands, Jody! I entered all of your steps! (not sure if I was supposed to comment separately but I figured that would be annoying ha ha)

    Good luck on your new business venture!

    xo- Shelbey

    1. Thanks so much Shelbey!! And thanks for entering, good luck! Xo

  2. Hey Jody these head bands are so cute!! I completed all the steps!
    Congrats on starting a business that's amazing! It will do great!

    -Hillary Watkins

    1. Aw thank you Hillary!! That means a lot! Thanks for entering, good luck! :) xo

  3. I did EVERY single thing!! I sure hope to win!!! I LOVE the red one with the tie in the front!! I will share your blog and store with errr-body:) Thanks!! PICK ME PICK ME!!!! :)

  4. I did all the steps!! I couldn't resist, they are solo cute!! I have to pull up my hair for work everyday and this would make me not look so plain!Hope I win!! :)

  5. I did all of the steps! They are so cute! I love the grey chevron!


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