10 Things They Don't Tell You


So, my husband and I's anniversary is on Sunday (1 year! Woot woot!) so I thought I'd share a fun post with you guys to celebrate. Before you get married, you pretty much have NO IDEA what to expect. Your whole world/life is changing, but you have no idea how much it really does. Everyone tries to give you advice, but there are just certain things that no one tells you. So, here are the 10 things they DON'T tell you before getting married:

1. Men are gross. You probably already know this, but until you live with them, you have no idea HOW gross they really are. My husband poops with the door open. Seriously, he just doesn't care! He doesn't think it's a big deal, I however, think it is SO disgusting.

2. Little things will piss you off. Like when they leave their wet towel on the bed. Yeah, that kind of stuff. Or when they leave the toilet seat up? Yeah, that too. I swear, the little things are the most annoying things.

3. You need to each have your own hobby. As a new couple/newlyweds, at first, you want to spend every waking second with that person, and that's great! But then there comes a moment, where you realize you need some "you" time. Don't feel bad, it's okay. Everyone needs a break every once in a while. Like Taylor will go and play golf, and I'll catch up on some crafting, and then everything is dandy again.

4. Little things will also make you happy. Like when we're in the car, and he turns it to my favorite Pandora station, without me even asking. Yes, that kind of stuff makes me oh-so-happy.

5. It won't be perfect. Yes, at times it is perfect, but it's not always. You will fight. And over REALLY dumb things, too. Like one time, we were decorating our Christmas tree and we argued over something completely stupid, like the color of the lights or something, and it escalated quickly. Because if we can't even agree on Christmas tree lights, we're never going to agree on anything! Long story short, he slept on the floor in the office that night.

6. It's stressful. Your parents always told you that when/if you moved out, you would have those pesky bills. But you can't fathom that until you're actually living it, and it can take a toll on you, your husband, and your marriage. Especially when both of you were living with your parents before you got married. We were in for a rude awakening!

7. Your love changes. I know I loved Taylor before we got married, of course, but the love between us now is unlike any other. He is my person. I love that I have a guy that I can always depend on. I know now more than ever that he is my ultimate soulmate.

8. You will miss your mom. Okay, maybe this isn't true for everyone, but before I moved out, it was just my mom and I living together, and we were best friends. We did everything together, and were always together, and she did everything for me. So when I moved out, it was a hard adjustment. I missed her way too much. I know I'm being a huge baby, especially since she only lives 5 minutes away, but it was hard for me.

9. You need to learn to share. Maybe not everything, but most things. Once you get married, there is no "yours" and "mine". It's "ours". For the most part, this was pretty easy, but for a while there, I pretty much hated every time he would say, "Let me see the iPad" or something about MY iPad, because it was MINE. I've gotten over that, though. Or have I? ;)

10. Use your manners. When you're with someone for so long, you get used to talking to them in a certain way. I'm almost always nicer to strangers than I am to my husband. But, it's something we should all remember. Even though we're comfortable with them, we could all be a little nicer! Saying "please" and "thank you" to your spouse can go a long way.


  1. Hi there :)

    Awesome post - i laughed. I think these 10 things would also apply to those just moving in together married or not. My bf and i, went from living independently to living together to living with my family while we went back to school. We had to re-adjust 'our ways' every step of the way. I really hope that once we are in our own little family on our own again we will be like you mention in # 7 :)
    PS. You guys a very cute couple - good luck to you! :)

    1. Yes, for sure! This definitely applies to those moving in together too, it's such a huge adjustment! Thank you so much! Good luck to you and your bf! :)

  2. You guys sound so cute! And I totally feel you on the missing mom part. I live at home with my parents and I know the day I move out it's going to be a toughie.

    1. Thanks Rosie! Yeah, it's a hard thing to do!

  3. This is perfect haha. & you're not being a baby AT ALL (although I definitely felt like a baby when I moved to Chicago to go to college and was homesick all the time even though my mom was at home in the suburbs.. of Chicago.. so I was close to her then too haha) This is totally how I'll be when I move out! I'm glad someone else is like that too!

    1. Haha oh good, glad I'm not the only one who feels that way! Thanks for reading Alex!


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