The Simplest Face Scrub You Ever Did See


^^ During the scrub
^^ After the scrub, voila! The softest face.

I am ALL about easy, fast things that bring you fast, good results. I'm in love with ANY sugar scrub, really, but this one I REALLY love because it's extremely easy and makes my skin super soft. All you need is half a lemon, and sugar, about 1/4 cup of sugar to be exact. Just put the sugar in a bowl, squeeze the lemon in there and stir. Then I use the lemon as a scrubby, (for lack of a better word) to scrub it on my face, hands, arms, anywhere! See? It's the most simple thing ever. I love it. My face now feels as soft as a baby's bottom, which is a nice change from the allergic reaction I had for weeks it seems like. Long story, don't ask.

Okay, I'll tell it to you anyway. This is a sad story about the most sensitive face in the history of sensitive faces (okay, maybe an over exaggeration, but seriously). It's been this way for as long as I can remember. I try a new eye liner, I wake up with puffy, swollen eyes. I try a new lotion, I break out in hives. I try a new face wash, I wake up with a bright red, itchy rash all over my face, which is what happened to me a couple weeks ago. I stood in an aisle at Ulta looking at an expensive face wash that was made with "natural" ingredients, you know, like plants and stuff (so they say) and thinking to myself, 'Hmm, well maybe if it's expensive and made with plants and stuff, just maybe this one time it won't make my face freak out.' I was SO wrong. It's one of the worst allergic reactions I've had on my face, and it seemed to never go away. I hated even feeling my face because I hated the bumpy texture. So that's the story! Boring, I know. So basically, I find myself constantly buying the same makeup, face wash, lotions, etc. because branching out and buying new stuff just isn't even worth the trouble anymore. The End.

SO, this is why I've resorted to making my own face scrubs, and it's been working out fantastically so far, so enjoy. Let me know if you try this scrub yourself and what you think! xo


  1. Girl, you are GORGEOUS! And I am definitely trying this. The older I get, the larger my pores seem to get (which i can't stand), so exfoliating is a must. But I can never find an exfoliating wash that doesn't make my face red and splotchy. I totally feel you on the sensitive skin! Thanks for sharing this and I'll let you know how it works for me.

    1. Thanks Christina!! You are so sweet. My pores are seriously uncontrollable, and this seemed to help a lot! Let me know how it works for you!

    2. Hey girl, little update: I found St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub at Target and was wondering if you've ever tried it? I used it back in the day and then totally forgot about it, but I found it again the other day and remembered how amazing it is. It's never irritated my skin. Just thought i'd pass that along ;).


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