Funny Things my Husband says...


Hey guys! It sure has been a while! Not like you sit around waiting for me to post something, but still. It's just like, ever since school has been out I've been in complete lazy mode. I'm surprised I've mustered up the energy to do laundry and clean my house, because seriously. It's been bad. BUT, I'm going to Bikram Yoga tonight so maybe (just maybe) that will get me out of this funk!

I've also just been busy lately! Not the bad kind of busy, either. The good kind. Ya know, the kind where we go up to Park City for the weekend and party it up with our friends kind of busy. It has been the best. Summer is the best thing that's ever happened to me. But as we were driving home from Park City, my husband says, "Did you know that our chances to meet Tiger Woods increased by 10% now that he's dating Lindsey Vonn?" I just laugh when he spouts off these types of random facts and say, "Nope, didn't know that!" Seriously though, he is FILLED with the most random stuff and literally says them at the most random times. I just love that kid.

We can never go to Park City without going to the outlets. It just has to happen. But good thing we went, because I found two gems--two pairs of amazing leggings. I was trying to decide between the two different pairs (don't know why it was the hardest decision) until my husband said those three amazing words: "Just get both!" See? He's the best. So here's one of the fab pairs I got, I'm already in love!

Top: TJ Maxx // Leggings: PacSun (Clearance!) // Sandals: Target // Sunglasses: Steve Madden // Watch: Fossil // Love Bracelet: Style Lately // Gold Bracelet: Kohl's //


  1. I'm loving the print on those leggings. What a great find! And don't worry too much about taking time to be lazy :). School being out = party time!

    1. Thanks girl! I was really stoked about them! But I'm glad you understand my way of thinking! ;)

  2. So cute, I love your tattoo by the way.


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