Easter Weekend Fun


Well, since I'm sick at home all day, I figured I could make myself somewhat useful and at least post some pictures from the fun Easter weekend we had! It was such a blast, and went by way too fast. On Saturday, Taylor and I went to the Colorado vs. Mariners game at the Salt Lake Bee's stadium with his family during the afternoon. It was a blast, and we both got quite the tans. After that, we went to the Jazz vs. Nets game with my whole fam bam. Alex was in town for his birthday, so it was SERIOUSLY the whole fam bam. It is honestly the best thing ever when the whole family is together. It was such a good day with both of our amazing families.
Easter Sunday was spent at my sister's house, and boy, it was quite the day. Pineapple wine, yummy food, three-legged races, and just relaxing with family. The weather was perfect, and it was so fun just to watch all the little babes having a blast searching for eggs. It was the best weekend... until I started getting sick Sunday night after getting home.
Taylor (and me, I guess) just figured I was sick from all the delicious wine I drank all day Sunday, until three days went by and I was still sick. It's probably just a bug, but I can't wait for it to make it's way out of my body, because I feel miserable. My mom came over last night to bring me some ginger ale and saltine crackers, and literally after eating one cracker, I knew it was coming. Good thing I had my little garbage can handy, but boy, my poor mother. She thought she was done taking care of puking kids, but I guess she was wrong! Sorry, mom!


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  2. You are beautiful and so is your blog. I just started blogging too and it is seriously so addicting!

    From one Utah blogger to another :)


    1. Thanks so much Stef! I love your blog, too! You and your hubs are adorable! :)


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