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Today, I realized I'm not like other fashion bloggers. I don't have designer bags, (and the ones that I do have are from Ross or TJ Maxx) I don't spend outrageous amounts of money on a new wardrobe, I'm not 5'8" with long, amazing legs, and I don't have cool nick names for accessories that everyone seems to know what they mean. But all that doesn't matter (nor relatable) because I'm me. Spending $400 on a pair of shoes is not even fathomable for me, nor should it be for any working, college student. I'm not here to show off how much money I can spend, but to show you that you can look fab without spending very much at all! I'm ALL about sales, bargains, thrift shopping, ALL THAT. YES. I will take that over anything, any day.
Sometimes I get the idea in my head that just because these other people have more expensive clothing than I do, they're instantly better than me. But really, I (and everyone else) should that get out of my head. Society can really do that to us, and at times it seems hard to even think otherwise. Our greatness isn't measured by how much money we have or how much money we can spend, but measured by the type of person we truly are. And honestly, you're pretty great, so don't go forgettin' that.
Gosh. Anyway, enough with the life lesson for today. I just like to write, okay?! My outfit today seems like it's been waiting to be out of my closet for months. Oh wait, it has. It's like, as soon as it reaches 60 degrees, the maxi skirt instantly comes out. It just has to happen. Just deal with it.
Top: GAP // Skirt: Bazei Boutique // Shoes: Target // Mustache Necklace: Forever 21 // LOVE Necklace: DownEast Basics // Bracelets: Thrifted


  1. obsessed with this outfit! Just found your blog & started following via gfc & bloglovin :)

    check mine out when you get a chance :)

    1. Thanks girl!! I am obsessed with your blog, you are gorgeous!!

  2. I love this outfit!!! Its seriously adorable! I'm loving your blog, you've got a new follower here:)


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