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Ah, Happy Wednesday, guys! It means the weekend is halfway here and that's a good thing! I'm especially happy because this week's weather has been and will continue to be AMAZING. Warm weather makes me happier than anything and I have the worst case of Spring Fever right now. Vitamin D makes you happy, and happy people don't kill their husbands. They just don't. (Legally Blonde quote if you didn't notice.) Obviously the pictures from today's blog post weren't from today, because as of right now--there is NO SNOW in my backyard! Woot!
One downfall to the snow melting? There's dog poop EVERYWHERE, and today I even discovered a pair of my underwear in the backyard that has been stuck in the snow for I don't even know how long. All I know is that my dog has a serious problem. What is it with dogs and "women smells"? It's gross. And sorry if I just grossed you out.
Also, I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for such kind words and keeping my mom and family in your thoughts and prayers. Here's the story of what happened if you're dying to know: So, my mom has been having chest pains for the past couple months, but with her being her, she never did anything about it. It turns out, the chest pain episodes? Yeah, those were heart attacks. So Thursday morning I take her to the hospital for some heart tests. After those were done, her cardiologist wanted to also do an angiogram, which would just take a look at her arteries closer. He brings me into the operating room and starts explaining that all of her three main arteries are diseased. One of them was 99% clogged, the others about 95% clogged. So basically she could've died at any second. He suggested doing bypass surgery (which is open heart surgery) but she decided on doing stents instead, which she explained are like little balloons to open up her arteries. So she got 4 stents put in and she is doing MUCH better. No more chest pains, and she's going to cardiac rehab to help her build her strength back up. I, as well as she and my family really do appreciate all the love we got from everyone. I'm so grateful we have so many caring people surrounding us and I'm so grateful for the amazing cardiologist who went with his gut, and saving my beautiful mother. It may have been the worst way to spend my spring break, but I just feel lucky to still have her here.
Beatle's Top: Kohl's ($3! Who can beat that?!) // Leggings: Bazei Boutique // Blazer: Target // Watch: Fossil // Shoes: Zooshoo // Cross Necklace: Kohl's // Bag: TJ Maxx

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