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Okay, okay. Just one more for today. I couldn't help but post this outfit because it's simply fab. I just got this cardigan last night at my Dear Ruby open house that I hosted. They seriously have SO much cute stuff, and I was so stoked about getting free clothes just for hosting. I got lots of fun stuff that I can't wait to show you guys. This will have to do for now, because I'm off to the dollar theater with my sweet hubs for a date night! (Yep, we're cheap like that.)

Cardigan: Dear Ruby Boutique // Top: Target // Liquid Leggings: Koo De Ker // Necklace: Windsor Store // Boots: Target


  1. The cardigan is lovely and looks so comfy! I'm excited to check out Dear Ruby Boutique now.

  2. Are these the photos I get to share in the Bloggers Back2Back series?? I LOVE them. You're gorgeous girl, and you killed this outfit! Perfection :). I hope you and your hubs had a fun date night!!

    1. Christina, you are seriously too sweet! But yeah, you can use these, or I could do a more Spring-ish outfit. That way I don't have all the pics on my blog and can direct them to yours. Let me know. I can have them done whenever! :)

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