Spring Fever + Happy 30th Post!


Was anyone else just as happy as can be about this weather all weekend?? I know I was! It made me crave Spring more than ever, so I dressed accordingly. It always seems a little hard transitioning your outfits from Winter to Spring, so I did a little of both. I wore a thin, 3/4 length top, with pants and little booties, because even though it feels like Spring, there's still snow on the ground!
And, as some of you may know, I just got this new NuMe Style curling wand, and I am absolutely obsessed. I took these pictures on Saturday when I first washed and curled my hair. Well, today's Tuesday, and my hair is still extremely curly. My hair never stays curled for an entire day, let alone 4 days. So, needless to say, I am incredibly impressed. You all should go and get yourself one.
Also, I didn't get a chance to celebrate, but yesterday's post was my 30th post! This may seem really lame to you guys, but hey, this is extremely exciting. Big things are starting to happen for me and this blog of mine, and I am more than ecstatic. It's more than I ever anticipated, and I feel like such a lucky girl. Anyway, Happy 30th Post to me!

Booties: Payless (Random, I know, but they were only $9!)
Belt: H&M
Watch: Kohl's ($4)
Hair: NuMe Style


  1. I like your hair. Which NuMe curling iron did you use to get the waves, Jody?

    More Modern Modesty


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