Preppy in Hello Apparel


Happy Monday, you guys! Mondays seem to always be hard for me because I have to go back to school and work, and this week I'm even dog-sitting for my mom so that makes things even more crazy. Speaking of, let me tell you about the ridiculous weekend I had.
My mom left for Florida on Thursday, which involved me waking up at 4 AM to take her to the airport. She has two dogs, who are seriously spoiled rotten at her house. Taylor and I were both nervous to watch them because we already have a dog of our own. Turns out, it wasn't such a great idea. For the past four days, I've been cleaning up poop and pee like a mad woman, yelling at my mom's dogs to get off the couch, (because if my dog isn't allowed, neither are they) and swearing up and down. I'm a freak about my house, and I think I'm losing my mind over this. My carpets are ruined, my hard wood floors still feel sticky from the pee, and I still have 9 more days to go until my mom comes back. I'm happy to help my mom out, but remind me to NEVER do this again.
Anyway, I just had to get all that out there. Today I'm wearing this adorable sweater I got from Hello Apparel. They seriously have the cutest stuff, you guys. If you haven't checked them out, you definitely should. When I first wore it, my husband said "When did you get that? I want one!" and I said, "You can get one! They're unisex!" So, even if you're a guy, they have stuff for you, too! :)

Sweater: Hello Apparel
Collared Shirt: H&M
Liquid Leggings: Koo De Ker
Shoes: Tom's 


  1. Jody, you're such a babe! :) This blog is awesome and I'm pretty sure we could exchange wardrobes and be completely content. Love your style! PS-found and followed you on BC and I'm following you through GFC as well. Come visit me.

    1. Hey Christina! Thanks so much! I love your blog as well! But yes, we totally could! haha! ;)

  2. love your blog and your style!
    new follower!
    check out my blog!

  3. also how did you create the photo at the top?-it's really good!

    1. Hey Lexanna! Thanks so much for following me! I love your blog! But I used an app called Montage Pro on my iPad.

  4. hyy,

    Love your sweat!! which size did you choose?
    Thanks a lot


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