I have been overwhelmed with sadness after hearing the tragic news about the shooting in Connecticut. I see images in my head of all the innocent children as they're frantically trying to find some place to hide, some place to get away. I also see the heroic teachers literally taking bullets for their students.

I may not be a mother myself, but I know my world would crash if I lost any of the little babes in my life, or anyone in my life for that matter. Those who were lost will never be forgotten.

This morning, after seeing several of my Instagram friends posting with the #loveforct, I decided to look through all of those who used the same hashtag. Needless to say, seeing everyone's love for their children, the children that were lost or just the children in their lives brought me to tears. It was such a dark tragedy, but with every dark time, brings light. Tragedies like this make us extra thankful for those around us, and also teach us that everyday could be our last, so take every moment for granted.

What can we do to help those in Connecticut? It's as simple as showing more love to friends and family around us. Hug and kiss your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, spouses, siblings, everyone.

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