home for the holidays


Since I've spent my whole day cleaning and doing laundry in a baggy sweater and leggings, I decided to switch things up for today. Let's say, home of the day, instead of outfit of the day, shall we? (Okay, it's my home everyday, but today, it's actually somewhat clean.) So, home of the day it is.

This is our first Christmas on our own and I've seriously enjoyed all the decorating a little bit too much. We haven't gone too crazy (mainly because we still have a mortgage payment) but it's still absolutely wonderful. I feel so happy with the little decorations we have here and there.

So let's get on to this little tour, yeah? Here's just a little sample of a few favorite rooms in our home. You'll notice our messy bed, stockings with no names, and some crooked homemade curtains, but we love it all anyway. So, enjoy. :)

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