It's berry cold outside.


My favorite part of fall/winter, is dressing for it. I would have to say--scarves and boots are both at the top of my list of favorite things ever.

One trend that I'm really loving this season is chunky scarves. Ya know, the ones that pretty much swallow your head? Those ones. They're super adorable and super comfy.

Here's a couple pictures I found on Pinterest that can give you some ideas on how to wear and pair scarves, boots, and any other fall accessories you love.

Adorbs, right?! I just can't get over them. I hope this trend never goes out of style, because I refuse to give up my big, fat scarves. I decided to give this look a try myself. Here's how I wore it.
Red Coat: Target
Scarf: H&M
Cardigan: Miya Design
Leggings: Koo De Ker
Boots: Target
Glasses: Icing

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  1. Hey Jody,

    Nice pics of the scarves. The red nearly plaid one in your first group of pictures is my fave. Scarves always look the best when paired with boots IMO!

    They look similar to what we have at Very posh!

    Keep up the good work with the blog!



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